Slide.NotesPage property (PowerPoint)

Returns a SlideRange object that represents the notes pages for the specified slide or range of slides. Read-only.


expression. NotesPage

expression A variable that represents a Slide object.

Return value



The NotesPage property returns the notes page for either a single slide or a range of slides and allows you to make changes only to those notes pages. If you want to make changes that affect all notes pages, use the NotesMaster property to return the Slide object that represents the notes master.


This example sets the background fill for the notes page for slide one in the active presentation.

With ActivePresentation.Slides(1). NotesPage 
    .FollowMasterBackground = False 
    .Background.Fill.PresetGradient _ 
        msoGradientHorizontal, 1, msoGradientLateSunset 
End With


The following properties and methods will fail if applied to a SlideRange object that represents a notes page: Copy method, Cut method, Delete method, Duplicate method, HeadersFooters property, Hyperlinks property, Layout property, PrintSteps property, SlideShowTransition property.

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