SlideShowSettings.Run method (PowerPoint)

Runs a slide show of the specified presentation. Returns a SlideShowWindow object.



expression A variable that represents a SlideShowSettings object.

Return value



To run a custom slide show, set the RangeType property to ppShowNamedSlideShow, and set the SlideShowName property to the name of the custom show you want to run.


This method has a different set of parameters on Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac:

Run([pSSWin AS SlideShowWindow], [pPVWin As PresenterViewWindow], [isPresenter As Boolean = False]) As Object


This example starts a full-screen slide show of the active presentation, with shortcut keys disabled.

With ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings

    .ShowType = ppShowSpeaker

    .Run.View.AcceleratorsEnabled = False

End With

This example runs the named slide show "Quick Show."

With ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings

    .RangeType = ppShowNamedSlideShow

    .SlideShowName = "Quick Show"


End With

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