During your Commute

Commute visual

In the morning, you commute to work but you don't have to leave all your work behind. With Office 365, you can move your work over to your mobile device and continue what you were doing. You can have a safe and productive commute with our mobile experience.


If you drive to work, please make sure you prioritize your safety and follow all driving laws that govern distracted driving. Pull over to join a meeting, do not text or read messaging while operating a motor vehicle and make sure you are focused on what's really important - your safety!


Checklist for your commute

Transfer a call to your mobile device

If you're on a call in Microsoft Teams and need to get going straight away, it's possible for you to transfer the call to your mobile telephone. This allows us to continue your conversation without interruption even when you have to leave your desk, but it doesn't allow us to see or share the presentation. As transferring a call to your telephone sends the conversation over the normal telephone network, there might be charges associated with this.

Join a meeting or have a 1:1 call in Microsoft Teams

Using the mobile app for Microsoft Teams you can view your calendar of events. If a meeting was scheduled with Microsoft Teams you will see a "Join" button in the mobile app. You will be connected to the meeting using your mobile network. Normal functions such as mute, speaker and chat will function. Viewing content may be disabled depending on your connection. You can also navigate to someone from your contact list in Teams and place a 1:1 call with them directly.

Connect to Office 365 from your mobile device

Office 365 apps are available for all major platforms, and you can use them to access all our files located on SharePoint Online sites or OneDrive for Business. If your organization uses two factor authentication you may need to authenticate by phone or with the authentication app, which needs to be set up in advance.


Be aware that using online features on your phone may incur costs if you are using the mobile network. For the best experience and to ensure that you don't incur any extra costs, you should use Wi-Fi wherever possible.