Microsoft Planner limits

This article describes the current limits that apply to Microsoft Planner.

Plan limits

Field Limit
Maximum active tasks in a plan 2400
Maximum buckets in a plan 200
Maximum plans owned by a group or user 200
Maximum plans that a user can subscribe to delta-sync for 300
Maximum tasks in a plan 9000
Maximum users that can subscribe to delta-sync for a plan 100
Maximum contexts on a plan 10
Maximum favorite plans for a user 30


  • An active task is a task that is not completed.
  • Delta sync lets users passively receive updates in real-time while the app is open. Users beyond the delta-sync limits will not see updates in real-time.
  • Most Planner plans are owned by a group. Plans created by other apps, and shown in Planner, may be owned by a user.
  • A context is the association between a plan and a host container like a Teams tab. The limit on contexts is a limit on how many associations a plan can have.

Task limits

Field Limit
Maximum assignees in a task 20
Maximum checklist items in a task 20
Maximum references on a task 10
Maximum tasks assigned to a user 3000
Maximum tasks created by a user 20000
Maximum user-data count in user details 10


These limitations can be raised or lowered from time-to-time without a prior notice. Refer to this article for updated information on Planner limits.