Upload contents for an item on OneDrive

Items on OneDrive with a File facet have one or more streams of content associated with the item. The default stream represents the contents of the file. Other streams may be used to represent item thumbnails or alternative data formats.

There are four OneDrive APIs that can be used to upload the contents of an item. The correct method to use depends on where the content is coming from and how large the contents of the item are.

  • Simple item upload is available for items with less than 4 MB of content.

  • Resumable item upload is provided for large files or when a resumable transfer may be necessary.

  • Multipart item upload allows you to upload both the contents of an item and provide metadata about the item in the same call. This is only available for OneDrive Personal.

  • Upload from URL (preview) allows you to upload the contents of a file by providing a URL where the contents of the file can be retrieved. This is only available for OneDrive Personal.