3.1.5 Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

The Autodiscover client expands the email address provided during initialization into a list of URIs, as specified in [RFC2396]. Because Autodiscover server URIs can be acquired in different ways, to create a fully populated list, the Autodiscover client SHOULD<2> do all of the following:

  • Query a well-known LDAP server for service connection point objects, as specified in section

  • Perform text manipulations on the domain of the email address, as specified in section

  • Search the DNS for Autodiscover SRV records, as specified in section

  • Perform an HTTP GET request to determine whether redirects to other Autodiscover servers exist, as specified in section

Note that a client can acquire the URI of an Autodiscover server without a fully populated list of Autodiscover server URIs.