A Minimal Entry ID is a single DWORD value that identifies a specific object in the address book. Minimal Entry IDs with values less than 0x00000010 are used by clients as signals to trigger specific behaviors in specific NSPI methods. Except in those places where the protocol defines a specific behavior for these Minimal Entry IDs, the server MUST treat these Minimal Entry IDs as Minimal Entry IDs that do not specify an object in the address book. Specific values used in this way are defined in sections and

Minimal Entry IDs are created and assigned by Exchange NSPI server. The algorithm used by a server to create a Minimal Entry ID is not restricted by this protocol. A Minimal Entry ID is valid only to servers that respond to an NspiBind method, as specified in section, with the same server GUID as that used by the server that created the Minimal Entry ID. It is not possible for a client to predict a Minimal Entry ID.

This type is declared as follows:

 typedef DWORD MinEntryID;