2.1.30 [ISO32000-1] Section 12.5, Annotations


The specification states:

 An annotation associates an object such as a note, sound, or movie with a location on a page of a PDF document, or provides a way to interact with the user by means of the mouse and keyboard. PDF includes a wide variety of standard annotation types, described in detail in 12.5.6, "Annotation Types."

Microsoft Edge:

These annotation types are not supported:

  • Pop-up (section

  • File attachment (section

  • Movie (section

  • Screen (section

  • Printer’s Mark (section

  • Trap Network (section

  • Redaction (section

User interaction is not supported for these annotation types:

  • Markup (section

  • Text (section

  • Free text (section

  • Line (section

  • Square and circle (section

  • Polygon and polyline (section

  • Text markup (section

  • Rubber stamp (section

  • Ink (section

  • Sound (section

  • Widget (section