SignedData Constraints

The SignedData structure ([PKCS7] section 9.1) specifying the digital signature MUST conform to the following constraints:

  • The digestAlgorithms field MUST contain only one digestAlgorithmIdentifier ([PKCS7] section 6.3), and that digestAlgorithmIdentifier MUST specify the identifier of the algorithm used to create the digest of the signature.<10>

  • The contentInfo field’s contentType MUST be an Object Identifier ([ITUX680-1994] section 3.8.35) with the value "". The content field of the contentInfo of this SignedData structure MUST be a SpcIndirectDataContent structure (section

  • The certificates field MUST contain certificates as specified by [PKCS7] section 9.1. This MUST include the signature verification certificate and can contain any intermediate certificates between that end entity and the root, including the root. If the SignedData contains a Countersignature ([PKCS9] section 6.6), the certificates associated with the Countersignature also MUST be contained in the certificates field.

  • The crls field SHOULD be absent. If present, the crls field MUST be ignored.

  • The signerInfos field MUST contain a single SignerInfo structure (section ([PKCS7] section 9.2).