3.3 Backstage

The following shows an example of a Backstage customization.

 <customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2009/07/customui">
     <tab id="customTab" 
          label="Custom Tab">
         <group id="customGroup" 
                label="Custom Group">
             <menu id="customMenu"
               <menuGroup id="menuGroup1">
                 <button id="button1"
                         label="Action 1"
                         onAction="OnButtonClicked" />
                 <button id="button2"
                         label="Action 2"
                         onAction="OnButtonClicked" />
             <radioGroup id="radioGroup1"
                         label="Choose Color:"
               <radioButton id="radioButton1"
                            label="Red" />
               <radioButton id="radioButton2"
                            label="Green" />
               <radioButton id="radioButton3"
                            label="Blue" />

This example creates a custom tab within the Backstage labeled Custom Tab. The tab contains one group, which in turn contains a menu and a radio group. The menu contains two button controls labeled Action 1 and Action 2. The OnButtonClicked callback function is called when the buttons are invoked. The radio group displays three radio button controls labeled Red, Green, and Blue. The OnRadioButtonSelected callback function is called when a radio button is invoked.