The LDAP_SERVER_CROSSDOM_MOVE_TARGET_OID control is used with an LDAP Modify DN operation to instruct the DC to move an object from one domain to another (see the Modify DN operation in section This control is used by the client when moving an object from one domain to another. The client sends the LDAP Modify DN operation to which this control is attached to a DC in the domain containing the object to be moved. If the client does not specify the LDAP_SERVER_CROSSDOM_MOVE_TARGET_OID control in the LDAP Modify DN request, then the server interprets the update as an intradomain Modify DN operation.

When operating as AD LDS, a DC rejects this control with the error operationsError / <unrestricted>.

When sending this control to the DC, the controlValue field is set to a UTF-8 string containing the fully qualified domain name (1) of a DC in the domain to which the object is to be moved. The string is not BER-encoded. Sending this control to the DC does not cause the server to include any controls in its response.