Performing this operation causes the DC to request a transfer of the Infrastructure Master FSMO to itself, per the FSMO role transfer procedure documented in [MS-DRSR] section (PerformExtendedOpRequestMsg, ulExtendedOp = EXOP_FSMO_REQ_ROLE). The requester must have the "Change-Infrastructure-Master" control access right on the Infrastructure container in the domain NC replica. This operation cannot be performed on an RODC; an RODC will return the error unwillingToPerform / ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. The LDAP operation returns success after the transfer of the Infrastructure Master FSMO has completed successfully.

The type of modification can be add or replace, and the values specified in the LDAP modify operation do not matter. The following shows an LDIF sample that performs this operation.

 changetype: modify
 add: becomeInfrastructureMaster
 becomeInfrastructureMaster: 1