Performing this operation causes the DC to request a transfer of the PDC Emulator FSMO to itself, per the FSMO role transfer procedure documented in [MS-DRSR] section (PerformExtendedOpRequestMsg, ulExtendedOp = EXOP_FSMO_REQ_PDC). The requester must have the "Change-PDC" control access right on the root of the domain NC replica. This operation cannot be performed on an RODC; an RODC will return the error unwillingToPerform / ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. The LDAP operation returns success after the transfer of the PDC Emulator FSMO has completed successfully.

Prior to transferring the PDC FSMO to the DC, if the domain is in mixed mode, the DC attempts to synchronize with the DC that is currently the Owner of the PDC FSMO in such a way as to avoid causing a full synchronization by BDCs running Windows NT 4.0 operating system (see section However, the FSMO role transfer will be performed even if this synchronization is unsuccessful.

In order to perform this operation, the requester must provide the domain's SID, in binary format (defined in [MS-DTYP] section 2.4.2), as the value of the modify operation. In LDIF, this would be performed as follows. Note that LDIF requires that binary values be base-64 encoded.

 changetype: modify
 add: becomePdc
 becomePdc:: base-64 encoding of the domain SID in binary