4.1.3 IDL_DRSBind (Opnum 0)

The IDL_DRSBind method creates a context handle that is necessary to call any other method in this interface.

   [in] handle_t rpc_handle,
   [in, unique] UUID* puuidClientDsa,
   [in, unique] DRS_EXTENSIONS* pextClient,
   [out] DRS_EXTENSIONS** ppextServer,
   [out, ref] DRS_HANDLE* phDrs

rpc_handle: An RPC binding handle, as specified in [C706].

puuidClientDsa: A pointer to a GUID that identifies the caller.

pextClient: A pointer to client capabilities, for use in version negotiation.

ppextServer: A pointer to a pointer to server capabilities, for use in version negotiation.

phDrs: A pointer to an RPC context handle (as specified in [C706]), which can be used in calls to other methods in this interface.

Return Values: 0 if successful, otherwise a Windows error code.

Exceptions Thrown: This method does not throw exceptions beyond those thrown by the underlying RPC protocol.