procedure MakeConflictDN(oldDN: DN, guid: GUID): DN

The MakeConflictDN procedure is used during name conflict resolution. For more details, see section

A conflict name for DN oldDN and GUID guid is the DN newDN, such that newDN is the same as oldDN with the exception of the AttributeValue portion (as specified in [RFC2253]) of the first RDN. This portion is the concatenation of:

  • The AttributeValue portion of the first RDN of oldDN.

  • The Unicode character 0x000A.

  • The Unicode string "CNF:".

  • The dashed string representation of guid.

For example, given oldDN = "CN=Engineering,DC=Fabrikam,DC=com" and guid = a746b716-0ac0-11d2-b376-0000f87a46c8, newDN is "CN=Engineering#CNF:a746b716-0ac0-11d2-b376-0000f87a46c8,DC=Fabrikam,DC=com", where the # represents the Unicode character 0x000A.

The procedure returns newDN.