Phonebook entry settings

Each RRAS entry section MUST consist of a sequence of key value pairs separated by a carriage return and line feed. A key-value pair MUST be a key name followed by an equal sign "=" with the value after the equal sign.

For example:


Encoding is the name of the key and 1 is its value.

In cases where the value is optional, the key is followed by an equal sign "=" and a carriage return and line feed. The value is not specified for the key.

For example:


Here, Encoding is the name of key and it does not take a value. The implementation can assume a default value for the key or ignore it.

The following sections provide descriptions for each key used in the phonebook file and their possible values. All the keys MUST appear in the same order in the phonebook file as they appear here, unless explicitly specified.

In the following sections, if an optional key is absent or for any key the value is not one of the specified valid values, the behavior of the RRAS is implementation-specific and outside the scope of this document. For example, if the "Encoding" key is not present, or the value of the key is not 0 or 1, a compliant implementation can assume the value of an encoding is 1.