SASec Message Processing Events and Sequencing Rules

The SASec RPC interface is used to securely set or get account information associated with tasks. When using the SASec interface, operations such as creating, deleting, and enumerating tasks are performed using a remote file system protocol, as specified in section

If the server implements the SASec interface, it MUST implement the methods as specified in the following table. Because clients of the SASec interface use a remote file system protocol to read, write, and enumerate files in the .JOB task store on the server, the server MUST also support a notification mechanism that initiates server-side processing when the client makes changes to the .JOB task store.<51>

Methods in RPC Opnum Order




The SASetAccountInformation method sets the credentials under which the task MUST run.

Opnum: 0


The SASetNSAccountInformation method configures the credentials under which all ATSvc tasks run.

Opnum: 1


The SAGetNSAccountInformation method returns the ATSvc account name.

Opnum: 2


The SAGetAccountInformation method retrieves the account name for a specified task.

Opnum: 3