Lock-Token Header

The Lock-Token header in the WebDAV Protocol: Client Extensions is the same Lock-Token header as specified in [RFC4918] section 10.5. This extension extends only the applicability of the header.

The Lock-Token header MAY be included on GET, PUT, and POST requests and responses. When this header and the X-MSDAVEXTLockTimeout header are included on these requests, it instructs the server to either refresh or release the lock; or to perform a write operation on a locked object, as specified in section<9>

The Lock-Token header SHOULD be included in a PUT request that acts on a locked resource. It MAY be validated by the server before honoring a PUT request. A server MUST NOT fail a PUT request simply because the header is not present in the request. The Lock-Token MUST be included in GET, HEAD, POST, and PUT responses from servers that return an X-MSDAVEXT: 1 header from an OPTIONS request.

The Lock-Token header MUST NOT be included on a GET or POST command without a lock time-out header.