Learn about work accounts and Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Global admin | User management admin

Partner Center uses company work accounts, also known as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants, for many purposes:

  • To manage account access for multiple users
  • To control permissions
  • To host groups and applications
  • To maintain profile data

If you link your company's work email account domain to your Partner Center account, your employees can sign in to Partner Center to manage marketplace offers by using their own work account usernames and passwords.


This article provides general information about how work accounts operate with Partner Center. If you need support for a specific issue, see how to file a support ticket.

The company work account email address

Your company work account email address is the email address provided to you by your company. A company work account email address is usually in the format you@yourcompany.com. Personal email addresses at other email service providers aren't company work account email addresses and can't be used to access your Partner Center account.

If you've more than one company work account email address, use the one that is associated with your corporate headquarters rather than a regional department. For example, use your contoso.com email address rather than your contoso.uk address.

About Azure company work accounts

An Azure company work account is a dedicated and isolated virtual representation of your company in the Azure public cloud. It's created for you when you subscribe to a Microsoft cloud service such as Azure, Microsoft Intune, or Microsoft 365.

Your work account hosts your Azure AD users and the information about them. This information includes their passwords, profile data, and permissions. The work account also contains groups, applications, and other information pertaining to your company and its security.

Find out if you already have a work account

If you have an active subscription to Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365, you have a company work account.

To check whether your company has a company work account:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select Azure Active Directory from the navigation menu and select Custom Domain Names.

    If your company does have a company work account, your domain name will be listed.

    If your company doesn't have a company work account, you can create one during the enrollment process.

The following flow chart diagram can help you to determine:

  • Whether you have a company work account
  • Whether you need to create a company work account
  • How to sign in to your company work account

Flow chart to determine whether you have a company work account or need to create one.


Before you link an existing company work account to your Partner Center account, think about how many users in the company work account will need access to Partner Center. If you have users in the company work account who won't need access to Partner Center, consider creating a new account only for those users who will need Partner Center access.

For more information about adding domains in Azure AD, see Add or associate a domain in Azure AD

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