Grow your Microsoft partner business

Appropriate roles: Referrals admin | Referrals user

Microsoft offers many resources to help you grow your partner business, get leads, and set your company apart.

Learn how the capabilities on Partner Center can help you attract new customers and be more profitable.

  • Every partner can use Partner Center to get sales leads.

  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners can:

    • Offer trial subscriptions to Microsoft products
    • Offer promotional pricing on Microsoft products
    • Sell in more markets


Your company must be enrolled in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program and have a Partner Center account to take advantage of these capabilities.

See Join the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program for information about joining the network.

For some capabilities, you must also be a reseller in the CSP program. See the Cloud Solution Provider overview for information about selling through this program.

Resources to help your business grow

To do this: Read this: Applies to:
Get and manage sales leads. Watch the short video, Optimize your business profile, to create a business profile so customers can find you when they search for solution providers. Then read about responding to referrals. All network partners
Offer your customers trial subscriptions to Microsoft products. Read Offer your customers trials of Microsoft products to learn how to use trial subscriptions to sell more to your customer base. CSP partners
Offer your customers promotional pricing on Microsoft subscriptions. Microsoft occasionally offers promotions on license-based subscriptions, allowing you to pass the savings on to customers and grow your business. Read Offer your customers promotional pricing on Microsoft subscriptions to learn how. CSP partners
Sell in more markets. The Cloud Solution Provider sales channel is available in many regions and countries. See Cloud Solution Provider markets to review the list. For an introduction to the Cloud Solution Provider channel, see Cloud Solution Provider overview. CSP partners
Sell to specialized industries, such as non-profits and education Sell to specialized industries CSP partners
Grow your business through the many activities available in the Incentives co-op program.
File claims for the activities through the Partner Center.
Create and manage incentives claims CSP partners
Sell subscriptions to commercial marketplace products. Understand CSP commercial marketplace activities CSP partners
Enroll in the Azure Expert Microsoft Service Provider program. Azure Expert Microsoft Services Provider program CSP partners