Set up plan listing details for an Azure Container offer

This page displays information specific to the current plan.

Plan name

This is pre-filled with the name you gave your plan when you created it, but you can change it. It can be up to 200 characters long. This name appears as the title of this plan in Azure Marketplace and the Azure portal. It's used as the default module name after the plan is ready to be used.

Plan summary

Provide a short summary of your plan (not the offer). This summary appears in Azure Marketplace search results and can contain up to 100 characters.

Plan description

Describe what makes this plan unique, as well as differences between plans within your offer. Don't describe the offer, just the plan. This description will appear in Azure Marketplace and in the Azure portal on the offer listing page. It can be the same content you provided in the plan summary and contain up to 3,000 characters.

Select Save draft before continuing to the next tab in the Plan overview left-nav menu, Availability.

Next steps