Switch accounts in Partner Center

Appropriate roles

  • Owner
  • Manager

You can be part of more than one account. This article describes how to see if you are part of multiple accounts and how to switch between them.

View and switch accounts

You can check to see if you are part of multiple accounts by the presence of the account picker. In the upper-right, select the account icon as seen highlighted in the following screenshot.

Illustrates the account picker in Partner Center.

If you don't see the account picker, you are part of one account only. You can find the details of this account on the Account settings > Organization profile > Legal info page.

To view the Legal info page in Partner Center

  1. In the upper-right, select Settings (gear icon) > Account settings.
  2. In the left-menu, under Organization profile, select Legal info. Then select the Developer tab.

You can then select any of the accounts on the list to switch to that account. After you switch, everything in Partner Center appears in the context of that account.


Partner Center uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for multi-user account access and management. Your organization's Azure AD is automatically associated with your Partner Center account as part of the enrollment process.

In the following example, the signed-in user is part of the four highlighted accounts. The user can switch between them by selecting an account.

Screenshot of accounts that can be selected with the account picker.

Manage offers across company accounts

In the marketplace offers workspace, you no longer have to switch accounts to see the offers created under a specific account. The workspace lets you manage offers across all the accounts you have access to in a single view. You can associate new offers with specific publishers who are eligible to publish in either the commercial marketplace or Office Store programs.


The account picker may still be required in some scenarios within the Marketplace offers workspace. Publishers enrolled in a single program, either the commercial marketplace or Office Store, must switch accounts to access offers in a different program. Companies with more than 75 unique publishers can’t manage offers across company accounts.

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