Enroll as a Microsoft Training Services Partner

Appropriate roles: Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program partner admin | Account admin

This article describes various ways that a partner in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program can enroll in the Training Services Partner program, formerly known as the Learning Partner Program.

Success in the Training Services Partner Program is measured with key performance indicators (KPIs) that reward partners who demonstrate exceptional capabilities in providing training at scale and with quality across one or all six of Microsoft's designated solution areas.

Enroll with the Learning Action Pack

Participation in the Training Services Partner Program begins with purchasing a Learning Action Pack (LAP) found under the Microsoft Action Pack (MAP) subscription in the Membership workspace. LAPs provides partners with a starter level of benefits that can be used to jumpstart business growth. Visit the Action Pack page for more information.


MAPs will be the only displayed Action Pack in Partner Center. After purchase of MAPs, and upon initial activation of benefits, you will be prompted to choose between the Learning or Microsoft Action Pack offerings. Select the Learning Action Pack to continue.

Other participation requirements

In addition to the Learning Action Pack, there are several other requirements to officially deliver Microsoft training:

  • Use official Microsoft Courseware via Microsoft Learn.
  • Deliver all courses via Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs).
  • Provide every student with a post-traning achievement code for the course they completed.
  • Provide every student a post-training quality survey using the Metrics that Matter platform.

To learn more about meeting these requirements, see Qualification dashboard for Training Service partners.

Training services: Solution area designations

Training Services Partners who meet qualification criteria in individual Microsoft solution areas can also qualify for official Training Services Solutions Partner branding, promotion on Microsoft marketplaces, and software benefits. However, meeting these KPI benchmarks isn't required to deliver official Microsoft training.

More information on KPI metrics and associated business rules can be found in our Training Services Partner Program - Get Started collection.


When enrolling in the Training Services Partner Program, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Program KPI requirements are subject to change annually.
  • Program KPIs must be met in Partner Center starting the first year of enrollment. KPIs will be visible in Partner Center in mid October 2023. Full program availability (purchase of benefits package) will be available in early 2024.

Frequently asked questions about Training Services Partner enrollment

Do I need to submit a business application plan in Partner Center?

No. In Partner Center, a business application plan isn't required. As long as you meet the participation requirements listed above, you'll be able to deliver official Microsoft training.

What should I do if there's a discrepancy between the KPIs displayed in Partner Center (after October 2023) and my internal count?

Contact Partner Frontline Support. Provide the following details to help us track your KPIs:

  • Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Organization and Location ID
  • Date(s) of missing transactions
  • Category: achievement codes, exam vouchers, or post-training survey
  • Number of units

The KPI dashboard is updated once a month during the middle of the month for the previous 12 completed months.

For example, starting January 15, 2024, KPI data would be displayed for the period of January 2023 through December 2023.

Does a one-day training equate to one KPI?

KPIs aren't necessarily related to training duration. To learn more about how KPIs are measured, see the performance examples in the Get Started collection.

Why don't I appear as a Microsoft Learning Partner in the Learning Partner directory?

Your training organization can be listed in the Learning Partner directory if you've earned one or more Solution Area designations.

Adding Learning Partners is a manual process that is performed only once a month. For help, contact Partner Frontline Support. If you qualify, be prepared to provide the following details:

  • The name that should appear in the directory

  • The associated country/region

  • The URL for the associated, Microsoft-themed landing page


    The URL should be to a partner-owned website with a Microsoft landing page. The Microsoft-specific page must also:

    • Be about the qualified organization only
    • Show no Microsoft competitors
    • Be owned by by the qualified organization

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