Customer Digital Experiences for Microsoft Cloud Partner Program partners

Appropriate roles: All partners in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program


Starting October 3, 2022, the Microsoft Partner Network is now called the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

Microsoft Customer Digital Experiences (CDX) are interactive digital experiences that help partners show customers why Microsoft is the right choice, and how they can integrate and manage Microsoft cloud products.

Currently available resources include:

  • 253 demos
  • 88 interactive guides
  • 10 customer immersion experiences

For example, Modern Workplace Customer Immersion Experience uses six personas and their virtual desktops to introduce customers to Microsoft 365 and Intelligent Security in a one-hour, high-participation experience.

Screenshot of three Modern Workplace personas in the Modern Workplace Customer Immersion Experience at the Microsoft Customer Digital Experience.

Access and use Customer Digital Experiences

To explore available Customer Digital Experiences, go to and check out the demos, interactive guides, and customer immersion experiences.

To access Customer Digital Experiences, use the following steps:

  1. Sign in at
  2. When you're prompted to create a profile, select Partner for both Segment and Role.

When you're signed in:

  • Select Site Tour > User guide to view a useful 40-slide PowerPoint about CDX.
  • Select Experiences to view existing content, which you can filter by Type, Sales place, Solution area, Segment, Industry, and Products.
  • Select My Environments, where you can create a tenant.

issues

Microsoft partners can sign in to CDX using an email account that is registered as a Partner Center user. The account must also be associated with a Microsoft Cloud Partner Program account, and authenticated at Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

An MSA/Live ID isn't valid for accessing CDX.

For access issues, contact

If an organization has turned on Azure AD application consent, an admin must consent once to access CDX at sign-in, and for applications to access organizational information.

If no one from the partner organization has visited one of the Modern Workplace Tools and consented for the organization, you'll be presented with a consent screen.

Screenshot that shows the CDX Need admin approval screen.


If someone who isn't a valid partner or Microsoft user tries to sign in to CDX, a Not Authorized error screen appears.

Common causes for a Not Authorized error include:

  • A user's tenant isn't configured to support access to the Partner Center API.
  • MFA isn't enabled on the tenant.
  • Partner Center doesn't recognize the domain as a match to an PartnerID.
  • A user's tenant doesn't have an appropriate license for Azure AD.

Terms of use

The first time you visit CDX, you'll be presented with the Terms of Use. It's important to read and understand these terms. Briefly, they are:

  • CDX resources are for delivering Microsoft product demonstrations to customers or for individual self-learning activities.

  • CDX resources aren't to be used for testing, proof-of-concepts, training courses, third-party app development, or sales or product trials.

Usage is monitored for all tenants claimed from CDX, and violations can result in the immediate loss of access to your CDX tenants and CDX.

You can review the complete terms of use at the Help page FAQ


Next steps

Explore and use Customer Digital Experiences at