Opens a form or a quick create form.

Available for

Model-driven apps


context.navigation.openForm(options, parameters)


Parameter Name Type Required Description
options EntityFormOptions Yes Form options for opening the form. The EntityFormOptions has the following attributes:
- createFromEntity: Lookup. Designates a record that will provide default values based on mapped attribute values. The lookup object has the following String properties: entityType, id, and name.
- entityId: String. ID of the table record to display the form for.
- entityName: String. Logical name of the table to display the form for.
- formId: String. ID of the form instance to be displayed.
- height: Number. Height of the form window to be displayed in pixels.
- openInNewWindow: boolean. whether to display form in a new window or a new tab. If you specify true and do not specify values for height or width, the form will display in a new tab.
- useQuickCreateForm: Boolean. whether to open a quick create form. If you do not specify this, by default false is passed.
- width: Number. Width of the form window to be displayed in pixels.
- windowPosition: Number. Specify one of the following values for the window position of the form on the screen: 1:center
parameters Object No An dictionary object that passes extra parameters to the form. Invalid parameters will cause an error. More information see column values using parameters passed to a form and Configure a form to accept custom query string parameters

Return Value

Type: Promise<OpenFormSuccessResponse>. The openFormSuccessResponse returns an array of type savedEntityReference with the values present in the EntityReference method.


See Promise

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