AttributeTypeCode EnumType

Describes the type of an attribute.


Members define the discrete options for the enumeration type.

Name Value Description
Boolean 0 A Boolean attribute.
Customer 1 An attribute that represents a customer.
DateTime 2 A date/time attribute.
Decimal 3 A decimal attribute.
Double 4 A double attribute.
Integer 5 An integer attribute.
Lookup 6 A lookup attribute.
Memo 7 A memo attribute.
Money 8 A money attribute.
Owner 9 An owner attribute.
PartyList 10 A partylist attribute.
Picklist 11 A picklist attribute.
State 12 A state attribute.
Status 13 A status attribute.
String 14 A string attribute.
Uniqueidentifier 15 An attribute that is an ID.
CalendarRules 16 An attribute that contains calendar rules.
Virtual 17 An attribute that is created by the system at run time.
BigInt 18 A big integer attribute.
ManagedProperty 19 A managed property attribute.
EntityName 20 An entity name attribute.

Used by

The following use the AttributeTypeCode EnumType.

Name How used
AttributeMetadata AttributeType Property
ManagedPropertyAttributeMetadata ValueAttributeTypeCode Property
ComplexAttributeMetadata AttributeType Property
ComplexManagedPropertyAttributeMetadata ValueAttributeTypeCode Property

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