Web API Solution Reference

Solutions include components that are available in the Web API. Solutions can include custom entities, attributes, entity relationships, and custom actions which change the objects available to use in the Web API depending on the solutions installed for the organization.

In This Section

Name Description
Access Team Access Team solution
Advanced Analytics Infrastructure
API messages extension solution This solution contains CDS API message extensions.
Model-Driven App Element Contains the definitions of Model-Driven App element
Model-Driven App Metadata for Model-Driven App.
AppNotifications Contains the definitions of App Notification
AuthorizationCore Authorization Core solution
Base Custom Controls Core Extensions This solution installs a core set of custom controls from new CRM.Client.Controls repo in CRM.
Canvas App Entity Extension Canvas App Entity Extensions
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Component History APIs
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Settings APIs
DataEngine Cascading DataEngine Cascading Solution
DataEngine Schema Changes DataEngine Schema Changes solution
Common component changes DataEngine stored procedure and OOB indexes change solution
Dataflow Solution Dataflow solution
Data lake workspaces
EntityDataProviderExtensions EntityDataProviderExtensions Solution
Environment Variables
File Store Service Extension
License Enforcement License Enforcement solution
MessageProcessorExtension MessageProcessorExtension Solution
Metadata Extension
Power Automate Extensions core package
Power Automate Extensions Workflow Customization package
MobileOfflineSyncInterval Introduces a sync interval attribute which controls how frequent data is synced offline.
AI Solution default templates AI Solution default templates
AI Solution deprecated templates AI Solution deprecated templates
AISolutionFullAdditions Patch for full CDS instances
Collaborative Comments
Contextual Help
Image Configuration
This solution includes components introduced by data modeling team
Insights Store Data Provider
This solution includes components introduced by data modeling team
Power Apps Actions Power Apps Actions
Power Apps Checker Power Apps Checker promotes higher-quality model-driven apps by helping app makers follow best practices when they customize and extend the Power Apps platform. Power Apps Checker performs a static analysis of your Power Apps solutions to identify performance and stability risks, and provides detailed recommendations to remove these risks from your solutions.
Power Connector Solution Power Connector Solution
msdyn_RelevanceSearch msdyn_RelevanceSearch solution
Rich Text Editor Contains entities to support the Rich Text Editor control
Synapse Link
Territory Hierarchy Management For internal use only.
UCI Calendar Control The UCI Calendar Control provides common UI experience for bookable resource time management
User Rating
Activities Dynamics 365 workload for activities.
Activities Patch Patch for Dynamics 365 workload for activities.
Application Common For internal use only.
Application Common Patch For internal use only.
Second Patch for Application Common For internal use only.
Customer Care Intelligence Bots Customer Care Intelligence
EnableUCIByDefault Dynamics 365 workload for enablement of entities within the Unified Client Interface.
Knowledge Management Dynamics 365 workload for knowledge management.
Knowledge Management Features Dynamics 365 features and migrated controls for knowledge management.
Knowledge Management Online Features Dynamics 365 knowledge management Online Features
Knowledge Management Patch Dynamics 365 workload for knowledge management.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Dynamics 365 workload for service level agreements.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Extension Extension solution for Dynamics 365 workload for service level agreements.
Service management controls extension Service management controls extension
Social Profile Dynamics 365 workload for social profiles.
Solutions Framework Metadata
Async Service Infrastructure Async Service Infrastructure
CallbackRegistrationApp Solution CallbackRegistrationApp Solution
Custom API Framework
Plugin Infrastructure Extension
PowerAppsUnifiedClientInfraExtensions Power Apps Unified Client base infra extensions
Real-time Collaboration App Real-time Collaboration App enables real-time co-presence and co-authoring.
RollupFields Extension Solution RollupFields Extension Solution
msft_RuntimeExtensions This solution contains all necessary plugin assemblies as well as Custom Apis required to get the count of Category Attributes that needs to be updated for each organization, as well as plugins to update those attributes for SdkSteps. Get CustomApi will return how many rows of SdkSteps needs updates
RuntimeIntegration CDS Runtime Integration Extensions Solution
ServiceEndpointInfrastructure CDS Service Endpoint Infrastructure Solution
UnifiedClientCommandingExtension Unified Client Commanding Extension
UnifiedClientLookupExtension Solution having customizations used for lookup control extension
UnifiedClientWebResourceFileType Unified Client WebResource File Type
NonRelational DataProvider
OData v4 Data Provider
Power Platform Connection References Power Platform Connection References Solution.
Power Virtual Agents For internal use, by the Power Virtual Agents services only.
Power Virtual Agents Common For internal use, by the Power Virtual Agent services only.
Process Mining
S2SApplicationExtension S2SApplicationExtension Solution
Solution Component Configuration
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution History APIs
System Solution Internal CRM System Solution

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