StageSolutionResults ComplexType

Contains detailed information from staging a solution.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
MissingDependencies Collection(MissingDependency)

Missing dependencies in the staged solution.

SolutionComponentsDetails Collection(SolutionComponentDetails)

Details of the components in the staged solution.

SolutionDetails SolutionDetails

Details of the staged solution.

SolutionValidationResults Collection(SolutionValidationResult)

Results of the validation pass on the staged solution.

StageSolutionStatus StageSolutionStatus

Status of the staged solution.

StageSolutionUploadId Edm.Guid

The upload unique identifier (ID) for the staged solution.

Used by

The following use the StageSolutionResults ComplexType.

Name How used
StageSolutionResponse StageSolutionResults Property

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