addPreSearch (Client API reference)

Applies changes to lookups based on values current just as the user is about to view results for the lookup.

Control types supported





Name Type Required Description
myFunction Function Yes The function that is run just before the search to provide results for a lookup occurs. You can use this function to call one of the other lookup control functions and improve the results to be displayed in the lookup. The execution context is automatically passed as the first parameter to this function.


In the following example, the onLoad function is set for the form onload event. It modifies the search filter for all the lookup controls associated with the primaryid lookup attribute because there may be more than one.

It adds the myPreSearchCallBack function using the addPreSearch method. This example requires all the contact records returned to have the firstname value of 'Eric'.

function onLoad(executionContext) {
   var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext()
   var attribute = formContext.getAttribute("primarycontactid") 
   attribute.controls.forEach(control => control.addPreSearch(myPreSearchCallBack))

function myPreSearchCallBack(executionContext) {
   var control = executionContext.getEventSource();
   var filter = "<filter><condition attribute='firstname' operator='eq' value='Eric' /></filter>";

PreSearch event