Configure a contact for use on a portal


Effective October 12, 2022, Power Apps portals is Power Pages. More information: Microsoft Power Pages is now generally available (blog)
We will soon migrate and merge the Power Apps portals documentation with Power Pages documentation.

Fill out the basic information for a contact (or having a user fill out the sign-up form in a portal), then go to the web authentication tab on the portal contact form to configure a contact by using local authentication. For more information about federated authentication options, see Set authentication identity for a portal.


You can also configure a contact in Power Pages. More information: What is Power Pages

To configure a contact for portals by using local authentication, follow these instructions:


Complete the change password workflow, and the necessary fields will be automatically configured. When you've taken these steps, your contact will be configured for your portals.

  1. In the Security section, select Contacts.

  2. Create a new contact or select an existing contact.

  3. Choose the Contact - Portal Contact form.

  4. Select the Web Authentication tab.

  5. Enter a Username.

    Configure contact to provide access to portal.

  6. Select Save.

  7. On the command bar, choose Change Password.

  8. Complete the change password steps, and the necessary fields will be automatically configured. The contact will then be configured to access the portal.

A portal user can also register directly on the portal, or be sent an invitation to register.

For more information about federated authentication options, see set authentication identity for a portal.

Change password for a contact from the Portal Management app

In order to perform the following steps, you'll need to be assigned the System Administrator security role.

  1. Open the Portal Management app.

  2. Go to Portals > Contacts, and open the contact for which you want to change the password. Alternately, you can also open the Contacts page from the Share pane.

  3. Select Change Password from the command bar the contact form.

    Change password from the command bar.

  4. In the New password field, enter a new password, and then select Next.

    Enter new password for the contact.

    If you don't enter a password and select Next, you'll be asked whether you want to remove password for the selected contact.

    Remove password for the contact.

  5. After making the changes, select Done.

    Password changed for the contact.

Deprecation of business process flow

Earlier versions of the change password process utilized a task flow, which has been deprecated. In Dataverse security roles, the Change Password for Portals Contact privilege under the Business Process Flows tab no longer requires any options selected.

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