Common problems and resolutions while creating a portal


Effective October 12, 2022, Power Apps portals is Power Pages. More information: Microsoft Power Pages is now generally available (blog)
We will soon migrate and merge the Power Apps portals documentation with Power Pages documentation.

In this article, you'll learn about the common problems that occur while creating a Power Apps portal, and how to resolve them.

No permissions to create a portal

If you don't have sufficient privileges to create a portal in an environment, you'll see an error as follows:

Create portal error.

For permissions and role memberships required to create portals, see Admin roles required for portal administrative tasks

Your data isn't quite ready

Sometimes the database creation can take time and the correct status might not reflect on the home page. In this case, you'll see the following message:

Data not ready.

If you keep getting the "create database" prompt or "your data isn't quite ready" prompt, you can try refreshing the Power Apps home page before selecting the Portal from blank tile.

No permissions to create Azure Active Directory application

When you create a portal, portal as a new application is registered in Azure Active Directory associated with the tenant. If you don't have sufficient permissions to register an application with your Azure Active Directory tenant, you'll see an error as follows:

Azure Active Directory error.

To create and register applications in Azure Active Directory, you must contact your tenant administrator to turn on the App registrations setting for your tenant. For information, see Required permissions.

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