Manage featured content

If the featured content feature is enabled in your organization, users can feature content in the Featured section of the Power BI Home page. See Feature content on colleagues' Power BI Home page for details.

As a Power BI admin, you can monitor this featured content and remove it from the Featured section if necessary. You can also disable the featured content feature entirely, in which case users will no longer be able to feature content. See Enable/disable featured content below.

In the Admin portal, select Featured content.

Screenshot of manage featured content page in the Power B I admin portal.

Here you see a list of all featured items along with their relevant metadata. If something looks suspicious, or you want to clean up the Featured section, you can delete featured items as needed.

To delete an item, mouseover and select the item, and then click the trash can that appears in the top ribbon, or choose More options (...) > Delete. It is possible to select multiple items and then delete.

The featured content feature is enabled, disabled, and configured (for example, specifying who can feature content) via an admin setting. See Featured content for detail.

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