Embed Power BI content in Microsoft Teams

You can easily embed interactive Power BI reports in Microsoft Teams channels and chats.


To embed a report on the Power BI tab in Teams, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Teams has the Power BI tab.
  • You have at least a Viewer role in the workspace that hosts the report. For information about the different roles, see Roles in workspaces.

To view a report on the Power BI tab in Teams, your users need to meet these requirements:

  • They're Teams users with access to channels and chats.
  • They have permission in Power BI to view the report.

See Collaborate in Microsoft Teams with Power BI for background on how Power BI and Microsoft Teams work together, including other requirements.

Embed a report in Microsoft Teams

Follow these steps to embed your report in a Microsoft Teams channel or chat.

  1. Open a channel or chat in Microsoft Teams, and select the + icon.

    Screenshot of how to add a tab to a channel or chat.

  2. Select the Power BI tab.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Teams tab list showing Power BI.

  3. Use the provided options to select a report from a workspace or a Power BI app.

    Screenshot of the Power BI tab for Microsoft Teams settings.

    The tab name refreshes automatically to match the report name, but you can change it.

  4. Select Save.

Reports you can embed on the Power BI tab

You can embed the following report types on the Power BI tab:

  • Power BI interactive reports (.pbix files)
  • Power BI paginated reports (.rdl files)
  • Reports in workspaces, including My workspace
  • Reports in Power BI apps

Start a conversation

When you add a Power BI report tab to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams automatically creates a tab conversation for the report.

  • Select the Show tab conversation icon in the upper-right corner.

    Screenshot of the Show tab conversation icon.

    The first comment is a link to the report. Everyone in that Microsoft Teams channel can see and discuss the report in the conversation.

    Screenshot that shows the tab conversation.

Known issues and limitations

  • In Microsoft Teams, when you export data from a visual in a Power BI report, the data is automatically saved to your Downloads folder. It's an Excel file called data (n).xlsx, where n is the number of times you've exported data to the same folder.
  • You can't embed Power BI dashboards in the Power BI tab for Microsoft Teams.
  • URL filters aren't supported with the Power BI tab for Microsoft Teams.
  • In national clouds, the Power BI tab isn't available.
  • After you save the tab, you don't change the tab name through the tab settings. Use the Rename option to change it.
  • When you view Power BI tabs in Teams mobile, the best viewing experience is through the Power BI mobile apps. In the Teams Mobile tabs list, select More options (...) > Open in browser. When you have the Power BI mobile app installed on your device, the report opens in the Power BI mobile app.
  • For other issues, see "Known issues and limitations" in Collaborate in Microsoft Teams.

Next steps

More questions? Try asking the Power BI Community.