Known issue #165 - Long running, failed or stuck dataflow in Power BI Premium

You will encounter either a long running dataflow refresh or a dataflow refresh that is stuck in canceling. In some rare cases,- your dataflow fails and you'll receive an error message: “Your(…) dataflow couldn’t be refreshed because there was a problem with one or more entities, or because dataflow capabilities were unavailable.”

APPLIES TO: Power BI Premium Service Power BI Dataflow

Status: Fixed: November 1, 2022

Problem area: Refresh Data


Refreshing a dataflow will have either one of the following symptoms:

  • Dataflow refresh stuck in canceling
  • Long running dataflow refresh
  • Failed dataflow refresh

Solutions and workarounds

The Power BI team is working to continually improve dataflow reliability. As part of that, the team is working on several efforts that will be available in the months ahead. For detailed updates, please visit Power BI Support.

It's also recommended to follow the suggestions within Best practices for designing and developing complex dataflows. You can also review refresh schedules and potentially move refresh times around to help avoid contention that leads to these issues.

Next steps