Data Integrator and Dual Write


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The Common Data Service Data Integrator (for Admins) is a point-to-point integration service used to integrate data into Common Data Service. It supports process-based integrations, like Prospect to Cash, that provide direct writes between apps for Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Sales. It also supports integrating data from multiple sources into Common Data Service.

Whereas Data Integrator is a highly customizable batch-based integration service, Dual Write is a near-real-time integration service that allows Finance and Operations customers to natively get their data in Common Data Service. Customers should be able to adopt business applications from Microsoft and expect that they will speak the same language and seamlessly work together. Dual Write allows our customers not to think about these apps as different systems that must be written to independently. Instead, the underlying infrastructure makes it seamless for these apps to write simultaneously.

With this release, we continue to make Data Integrator the data integration tool of choice for enterprises and ISVs by making investments in lightweight ALM along with the ability to ship templates as part of solutions. Additionally, we are making big investments in making Dual Write setup a frictionless experience where, in a few clicks, Finance and Operations customers can natively get their data in Common Data Service. The primary goal of Dual Write is to enable seamless writes between Finance and Operations and Common Data Service. When you make a change in one app, it is seamlessly reflected in the other in near-real time.

In the GA release of this feature, Finance and Operations customers will be able to natively get their data into Common Data Service. For customers who want to customize their setup, we will provide an advanced and intuitive UI with step-by-step instructions that will guide them through the setup process. As Finance and Operations expands globally and includes the China sovereign cloud, we are making Data Integrator compliant with Azure China cloud so that our customers in China who want to keep their data within the China region can comply with government regulations.