Model-driven apps and Microsoft Dataverse diagnostics and performance data in customer's own Azure Application Insights


This content is archived and is not being updated. For the latest documentation, see Microsoft Power Platform product documentation. For the latest release plans, see Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform release plans.

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Business value

By making it possible to gain insights into errors and performance issues with Microsoft Dataverse and model-driven apps, your business can improve the user experience through better monitoring and resolution of production issues as well as proactive maintenance. In addition, since the platform logged data is itself available, in many cases it will reduce the need for you to write custom code for errors and performance.

Feature details

You can opt-in to export production environments platform logged error and performance data for Unified Interface form-loads, plug-ins, and platform APIs through the Power Platform admin center. This data in Application Insights will allow your team to gain deeper insights, through both out-of-box and custom reports. The key is that this enables self-serve and improved outcomes for both reactive and proactive scenarios.

Reactive scenario: when an incident is raised by users, your support team can leverage Application Insights to quickly view metrics based off the user ID and gain insights into details like:

  • Was the issue specific to a single user or applicable to all users?
  • Has a particular API call from the Unified Interface form been failing in a certain region causing poor form performance?
  • How was the API performing prior to a reported issue based on the time of day and location? Was API degradation gradual or sudden?

Support can now triage issues to understand if the issue was caused by custom code or platform code. If custom code, the issue can be redirected to the internal engineering team. If platform code is the issue, raise a support ticket with Microsoft.

Proactive scenario: alerts based off performance thresholds for form-loads, APIs, and plug-ins can be set up in Application Insights. When these thresholds are reached, the alerts will allow proactive maintenance. For example, when a custom form load performance drops below a predefined value, your own devops team can be alerted, to allow for triage and proactive resolution.

The data available in your Application Insights will also light up out-of-box reports for user activity with specific forms and will allow admins to understand adoption blockers and drivers.