Overview of data integration 2021 release wave 1


This content is archived and is not being updated. For the latest documentation, go to Integrate data into Microsoft Dataverse. For the latest release plans, go to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform release plans.


Some of the functionality described in this release plan has not been released. Delivery timelines may change and projected functionality may not be released (see Microsoft policy). Learn more: What's new and planned

The data integration team’s vision is to democratize data for business users so it's seamless to extract, transform, and load data into Microsoft Dataverse and Azure Data Lake Storage from any data source and to allow other Microsoft products to leverage this data.

We are investing in a few key pillars:

  • Microsoft Power Platform dataflows. Power Query is the industry leading smart data prep tool and evolves by infusing AI/ML into data transformations and by extending dataflows to all of Microsoft Power Platform. In 2021 release wave 1, we're enabling the dataflows experience in Dataverse in Teams so that customers can easily populate data and build better applications.

  • Enhance data integration by enabling analytics on Dataverse data through Export to Data Lake in Common Data Model form, new and enhanced connectors, and improvements in the connectivity platform. Other enhancements include Office data integration to enable new insights, extending dual-write for more entities, improving Data Export Service, and enhancing Gateway for enterprises and Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

  • End-to-end diagnostics so that customers can better diagnose and fix issues in queries or Gateway.

  • Common Data Model establishes industry-wide structure and semantics of underlying data so that customers can then reason about that data through various business application solutions, analytics, and machine learning (ML) algorithms.