User security configuration experiences in the Power Platform admin center


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Aug 22, 2021 Aug 22, 2021

Business value

Admins will be able to scale their security management by managing roles for groups of users in environments with a Microsoft Dataverse database using modern and intuitive experiences in the Power Platform admin center.

Feature details

The following environment and user security configuration experiences will be lit up in the Power Platform admin center through a modern and intuitive UI for environments with a Microsoft Dataverse database:

  • Admins can create and manage Dataverse Group Teams end-to-end, through a modern, simple, and coherent experience in the Power Platform admin center.
  • Extending today's ability to associate an Azure Active Directory Group to an environment, admins can also assign roles to the group they associate to an environment, so that as users in the group get provisioned to the environment, they will automatically inherit their group's roles and have instant access to the environment's resources and data based on the roles assigned. Admins no longer need to wait for users to first get provisioned and then assign roles for one user at a time. To add users to an environment, admins no longer need to add them one at a time. Now, they can add an entire group in one go through a Dataverse Group Team creation experience.
  • Extending today's security roles management experience, admins can not only assign individual users/owner teams/access teams to a role, but they can also assign Azure AD Groups (wrapped by Dataverse Group Teams) to a role.
  • When managing roles for a user, admins can easily differentiate between roles they directly assigned to a user versus roles they inherited through a Dataverse Group Team membership.
  • Admins can access an entry point from the Power Platform admin center to create and manage application users and their roles in an environment.

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