Dependent assemblies support for plug-ins


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jul 30, 2022 Dec 2022

Business value

Enhanced plug-in functionality can now be added through the inclusion of dependent assemblies during the plug-in build and registration processes.

Feature details

This feature allows customers to include dependent assemblies as part of the plug-in build and registration processes. Customers can include all required plug-in assemblies into a NuGet package and register that package during the plug-in registration process using supported tools or solutions.

Another feature benefit is savings on system capacity utilization as these NuGet packages will be part of Microsoft Azure file store instead of the relational database. The NuGet package is stored on an Azure file store during the plug-in registration process after the plug-in assembly and plug-in type validations are run.

This feature makes use of sandbox plug-ins to decode the plug-in package and run the plug-in's business logic.