Add teams or users to a column security profile to control access

Role-based security controls access to a specific table type, row-based security controls access to individual rows, and column-level security controls access to specific columns. You can use a column security profile to manage the permission of users and teams to read, create, or write in secured columns. For example, the System Administrator column security profile gives full access to all secured columns.


The use of table-related terminology depends on the protocol or class library used. See Terminology use depending on protocol or technology.

  1. Sign in to the Power Platform admin center with System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions.

  2. Select the environment to add teams or users to a column security profile.

  3. Select Settings > Users + permissions > Column security profiles.

  4. Select an existing profile, or select New Profile, enter a name, enter a description, and then select Save.

  5. Select the Teams or Users tab to add teams or users.

    Select Teams or Users tab.

  6. When finished adding teams or users, select Add.

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