Review AI generated content using human in the loop validation station


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Mar 2024 -

Business value

When companies automate their document data extraction process using AI, it's typical that some data isn't predicted correctly (for example, low document quality, unexpected layout, overlapping fields, and more). In this case, a validation station helps humans review the predicted data and fix it if needed, to avoid processing incorrect data downstream. It also allows improvement in model performance with a retagging experience.

Feature details

The human in the loop feature covers four aspects:

  • Requesting the review: A Power Automate action card is available to send documents for human review. Ideally, this action is used within a condition that checks validity of predicted data. This action is also included in AI Builder templates accessible from the model home page. AI Builder human review is based on Power Automate approvals, which power the possibility to assign and reassign review to individuals or groups.

  • Getting notifications for reviews: AI Builder human review benefits from the approvals Outlook and Teams notifications for reviews with the possibility to have quick actions from the notifications' details.

  • Listing reviews: Reviews are listed as part of approvals.

  • Doing the review: A prebuilt validation station is available to help reviewers check data that's been predicted from a document and possibly fix it. This validation station also allows users to improve document tags.