Debug canvas apps more quickly and efficiently with Monitor tool improvements


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Business value

Monitor debugging tool exists today and it widely used by makers to diagnose and fix problems with their apps. With Monitor, makers can gain insights into how their canvas apps are functioning through a UI that shows what is happening behind the scenes. We're making improvements to Monitor to make it easier than ever to use and to enable makers to quickly zero in on troublesome operations that can be corrected or optimized.

Feature details

Monitor is a useful tool that helps makers debug functionality in their canvas apps. We're investing in the following areas to improve the Monitor experience:

  • Improved discoverability: Customers have told us that the Monitor tool is useful in its current form but is difficult to find and cumbersome to launch. We will bring the Monitor launch action to a more prominent and discoverable location in Power Apps Studio to make it easy for makers to realize its benefits.
  • Data quality improvements: Customers have told us there is a low signal-to-noise ratio in the Monitor tool. Single actions in an app, such as button press may generate tons of log entries with seemingly duplicate data. We'll consolidate duplicate or chained entries to make it easier for makers to start at the top of the stack.
  • Focused polish on data relevance: Monitor is a tool that runtime teams within Power Apps Studio can send data to. We'll publish internal guidelines and processes to ensure that teams that send data to Monitor do so with a focus on making sure the data is relevant, actionable, and discoverable by makers.
  • UI improvements: Monitor presents data as a tabular grid, and customers have asked for improvements in how they can navigate the data in the grid. We'll invest in sorting, highlighting, filtering, and searching capabilities to make it easier to wade through data.

Screenshot of the maker's view while debugging using the existing Monitor experience.