Create and edit pipelines in Power Platform admin center


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Enabled for Public preview General availability
Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - Feb 2024

Business value

Pipelines in Power Platform will no longer require the Deployment Pipeline Configuration model-driven app to set up and edit pipelines. All capabilities will be brought over to the Power Platform admin center and embedded in select, maker portal experiences. Enabling in-product, pipeline management creates opportunities for greater customer adoption. Onboarding is extensively easier for organizations, since they won't have to install our current package to be ready to use pipelines. To edit pipelines or link additional developer environments, (for example, as part of environment routing) no one will have to leave the maker portal experience to configure a new stage in the model-driven app.

Feature details

The Power Platform admin center user experience for pipeline configuration and management allows you to:

  • Enable seamless, in-product scenarios such as pipelines on-ramp and environment routing.
  • Update pipeline capabilities in a faster, easier way.
  • Ease access to pipelines by no longer requiring the installation of the Power Platform Pipelines package.
  • Edit pipelines, pipeline stages, and access without needing to play the model-driven app.
  • Easily enforce Managed Environment licensing in the future for dependent, target environments.