Remove team members from Dataverse group team

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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - Jul 1, 2024

Business value

To comply with security requirements, members of the Dataverse group team are removed when the associated Microsoft Entra group is deleted from Azure portal. This eliminates any unauthorized access to the data by team members as the Microsoft Entra group is no longer valid.

Feature details

Previously, if a group team member logged into Dataverse after the associated Microsoft Entra group was deleted, the team member was removed from the Dataverse group team. This left other team members in the Dataverse group team because they did not access the system.

To eliminate any unauthorized data access issues, all team members are automatically removed from the group team upon deletion of the associated Microsoft Entra group.

Review your Dataverse group teams that no longer belong to a Microsoft Entra group. If there are still members in these teams, and the team members are still active in the environment, they will need a security role to continue to use the application. If there are no team members in these Dataverse group teams, delete these group teams.