Power Apps portals version 9.3.11.x Release Notes

Power Apps portals version 9.3.11.x is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in 9.3.11.x .

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues that are resolved/updated in this update.


  • Map Control - Keyboard focus is moving to non-actionable text "Search for location near" and "with" under map section using tab key
  • Lookup Modal Dialog - Jaws is not announcing on/off change in state of filter toggle button
  • Lookup Modal Dialog - Color contrast of filter button text is less than required 4.5:1
  • Profile Page - NVDA announces an extra table when keyboard focus moves to "Preferred Language" field.
  • List Control - "View Details" tooltip is not visible when hovering over first column in 100% zoom mode.
  • Address Control - No message is provided to keyboard user to press enter to expand address control on basic and advanced forms.
  • Profile Page - Tooltip shown when clicking on warning icon is not closed when user presses escape key.
  • Basic and Advanced forms - For forms with 2 or 3 column layout, content gets overlapped at 400% zoom.
  • Registration - Role of Captcha control is set as link. After this change, role would be set as an Image
  • Address Control - Each label in the address flyout is not in front of their respective edit field
  • Navigation Menu - aria-selected is not a valid attribute for a menuitem element.
  • Datetime Control - Keyboard focus move out of datetime control when Shift+tab key is pressed
  • Lookup Modal Dialog - Descriptive Name is not assigned to the checkbox element for each row.
  • Datetime Control - No visual date/time formatting instructions are provided for the 'Date and Time' field for keyboard users. After this change a placeholder text will be shown.
  • Datetime Control - Talkback is not announcing the error message that appears on screen after providing invalid data.


  • PowerBI component doesn't render properly when "Embed for your organization" type is used in US gov IL2 region.
  • Web API Read Operation - Web API calls are failing for fetchxml with N:N link entity containing the relationship name
  • Code Component on Pages - Dynamic variable referred in the code component liquid tag doesn't resolve to its value while rendering.
  • Error Message that appearing on screen is not descriptive for "Created On" field.
  • Request Validation site setting is not honored on webforms when they are referred in pages using liquid tag.
  • When first file in Sharepoint grid is deleted, pagination stops working.

Feature Enhancements

  • Support for Choices datatype (Multi Select Option Set) in Basic/ Advanced forms.
  • Support for choices data type in Web API and Liquid.

This release also contains performance updates, security fixes, and improves overall reliability of Power Apps portals.