Item Description
Release State General Availability
Products Power BI (Datasets)
Authentication Types Supported Basic (Username/Password)
Function Reference Documentation


An Apache Hive LLAP username and password.

Capabilities Supported

  • Import
  • Direct Query
  • Thrift Transport Protocol
    • HTTP
    • Standard

Connect to Hive LLAP data from Power Query Desktop

To connect to an Apache Hive LLAP server:

  1. Select the Hive LLAP option from Get Data.

  2. Enter the URL to the Adobe Hive LLAP server. You can also enter an optional port number. Typically, the URL looks like http://[hostname]:[port number]. The components of the URL are:

    • The hostname (for example, is the hostname or IP address of the Apache Hive server.
    • The port number (for example, 10500) is the port number for the Apache Hive server. If the port number isn't specified, the default value is 10501 for the HTTP transport protocol and 10500 for the standard transport protocol.

    Hive LLAP connection builder.

  3. In Thrift Transport Protocol, select either Standard for TCP mode, or HTTP for HTTP mode.

  4. Select either the Import or DirectQuery data connectivity mode. More information: Use DirectQuery in Power BI Desktop

  5. Select OK to continue.

  6. The first time you connect to a data source (identified by each unique URL), you'll be prompted to enter account credentials. Select the appropriate type of authentication and enter your credentials for the connection.

    • Windows: Select this authentication type if you want to connect using Windows authentication.
    • Basic: Select this authentication type if you want to connect using Apache Hive LLAP authentication. Enter your Apache Hive LLAP User name and Password.

    More information: Authentication with a data source.

    Image of the Basic authentication screen for the Apache Hive LLAP connection, with username and password entries

  7. Select Connect to connect to the Apache Hive LLAP data.

  8. In Navigator, select the data you require. Then select either Transform data to transform the data in Power Query Editor or Load to load the data in Power BI Desktop.

    Apache Hive LLAP import data navigator.

Kerberos-based single sign-on (SSO) for Hive LLAP

The Hive LLAP connector now supports Kerberos-based single sign-on (SSO).

To use this feature:

  1. Sign in to your Power BI account, and navigate to the Gateway management page.

  2. Add a new data source under the gateway cluster you want to use.

  3. Select the connector in the Data Source Type list.

  4. Expand the Advanced Settings section.

  5. Select the option to Use SSO via Kerberos for DirectQuery queries or Use SSO via Kerberos for DirectQuery and Import queries.

    Add data source dialog showing the Kerberos advanced settings.

More information, Configure Kerberos-based SSO from Power BI service to on-premises data sources


You might come across the following "SSL_connect" error after entering the authentication information for the connector and selecting Connect.

Unable to connect error with SSL wrong version number

If this error occurs:

  1. In Power BI Desktop, select Files > Options and settings > Data source settings.

  2. In Data source settings, select the Hive LLAP source you created, and then select Edit Permissions.

    Select the Hive LLAP source.

  3. In Edit Permissions, under Encryption, clear the Encrypt connections check box.

    Clear the Encrypt connections box.

  4. Select OK, and then in Data source settings, select Close.

  5. Redo the steps in Connect to Hive LLAP data from Power Query Desktop.