Regional settings and data locations for organizations using Power Virtual Agents in Teams

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Power Virtual Agents supports multiple globalization scenarios, and lets you choose where you want your data to live.


Supported locales and formats

Chatbots built with Power Virtual Agents will understand and display content that's locally relevant to the user. Localized handling and formatting are based on the user's browser locale setting, and include the following elements within a chat conversation:

  • Date and time
  • Numbers
  • ZIP or postal code
  • Currency
  • Speed

Power Virtual Agents supports the following display formatting locales:

  • en-AU
  • en-CA
  • en-GB
  • en-IN
  • en-US

For example, if the user's browser locale setting is en-GB, the bot knows that a date of 2/3 equates to March 2. If the browser locale setting is en-US, the same date equates to February 3.


Microsoft Teams supports a larger set of languages. If the selected language for Microsoft Teams is not supported by Power Virtual Agents, the displayed language will be en-US.

Data locations

Power Virtual Agents in Teams can be created in the supported data locations. You can create a bot if your tenant's location is supported, or you can use the Power Virtual Agents web app by choosing the datacenter you want to use when setting up your environment.

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