Disconnects from a SharePoint Online service.


Disconnect-SPOService []


The Disconnect-SPOService cmdlet explicitly disconnects a previously created SharePoint Online service connection.

Global administrators can disconnect the service by running the Disconnect-SPOService cmdlet or by running the Connect-SPOService cmdlet to initiate another connection. For more information, see Connect-SPOService.

Even after a connection is terminated, operations that were started before the connection is terminated will run to completion. In other words, long-running operations will not be terminated by running the Disconnect-SPOService cmdlet or the Connect-SPOService cmdlet.

You must be a SharePoint Online administrator or Global Administrator to run the cmdlet.

For permissions and the most current information about Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Online, see the online documentation at Intro to SharePoint Online Management Shell.


------------ Example 1 --------------------


This example disconnects the service for the tenant.