Retrieves a crawled property category.


   [[-Name] <String>]


This cmdlet retrieves a category object from the installation. If no name is specified, it retrieves all categories in the system.

A category contains several crawled properties that are grouped together for setting properties that are common to them all.

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---------------EXAMPLE 1-----------------


This example returns all available categories. This is the default behavior if you do not specify any parameters.

---------------EXAMPLE 2-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCategory -Name SharePoint

This example returns one specific category, the "SharePoint" category.

---------------EXAMPLE 3-----------------

Get-FASTSearchMetadataCategory -Name m*

This example returns all categories with a name that begins with "m". Matching is case-insensitive.

---------------EXAMPLE 4-----------------

$category = Get-FASTSearchMetadataCategory -Name "Enterprise Crawler"
$category.GetAllCrawledProperties()|ForEach-Object {$_.Name}

This example returns all crawled properties that are mapped to the category named "Enterprise Crawler". The example first retrieves the category, and then calls the category's GetAllCrawledProperties() function to list its crawled properties. It then iterates over the list of crawled properties and selects the name of each crawled property.



The name of the category to retrieve. If no category is specified, all categories are returned.

Aliases:CategoryName, N
Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False
Applies to:FAST Server for SharePoint 2010