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SetSecureLockIcon Event

Fires when there is a change in encryption level.


  Private Sub object_SetSecureLockIcon( _
  ByVal SecureLockIcon As Long)


  • object
    Object expression that resolves to the objects in the Applies To list.


This event fires when moving to a site that uses encryption and from a site that uses encryption. When moving between two sites that both use encryption, this event fires two times: one time to denote a movement away from a site using encryption, and a seond time to denote a movement to a site using encryption.

The browser's status bar displays a lock icon when encryption is present. Mousing over this icon invokes a ToolTip that indicates the level of encryption.

An application that hosts the WebBrowser Control can use this event to display a UI that shows the current encryption level.

Multiple levels of encryption can coexist in a single window in situations where there are multiple frames. If there are multiple levels of encryption present on a page, the SecureLockIcon has the value of secureLockIconMixed.

The encryption level on a page can be higher than the default level set in the browser, if the site is using a special type of certificate, for example, a Server Gated Cryptography certificate.

Applies To

WebBrowser, InternetExplorer